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Annual Reports - 2015

The Harrington Opera House Society Annual Meeting was held on Monday, November 2, 2015, 7:45 pm following the monthly business meeting in The Art Room of the Harrington Opera House. Presided over by HOHS President Mark Stedman, with a total of 14 officers and members in attendance.

Committee Reports Presented:

Art & Music Committee
Building Committee
Events Committee
Promotion & Advertising Committee

Nominations & Election of Board Officers

Art & Music Committee
PDF Report
Co-created and presented by Billie Herron & Carol G.

  • Piano and art classes of the 2014-2015 season continued on Monday and Wednesday, Jan thru May.
  • Piano recital was on May30th. This year the event was held at the Nazarene church, as the auditorium floors were being refinished. Students from both Heather Safe and Rebecca Hardy's class participated. Refreshments were served afterwards
  • Piano Class began for the 2015-2016 season on Sept14th. Heather Safe is only instructor this season and she has 7 students.
  • Several local photographers graced the gallery walls with their work for sale and the Artisan in the Art Room program continued.
  • The room continues to serve as a meeting room for several local originations, as the bridal suite for weddings and as a video feed of live performances for those unable to climb the stairs.
  • Black-out blinds were purchased and installed.
  • A 1889 Kimball pump organ, gifted to the museum, has taken up temporary residence in the art room.
  • The elevator fundraising Dog Wash was held in Aug.
  • The room next door was the scene of several elevator rummage sales during the year and has taken in around $3,000.

Building Committee
PDF Report
Presented by Gordon Herron

Again this year the building projects completed brought dramatic changes to our building.

  • A new main stage curtain was altered and installed on the new track system, changing the look of the stage dramatically. 
  • The walls of the auditorium were painted after the proscenium and wall plaster was repaired.
  • The millwork of the auditorium, including the doors under the stage, was cleaned, repaired and refinished.
  • The entire auditorium and stage floors were cleaned, repaired, resurfaced, sealed and finish coated.
  • New sun blocking shades were installed on all windows in the auditorium and blackout  shades installed in the art/music room.
  • A new ADA compliant rest room has been framed, wired and plumbed on the second floor and awaits L&I inspection for completion.
  • Plumbing and wiring has been roughed in to the snack area and also awaits inspection for completion.
  • The most time consuming task has been working with the architects and engineers, determining the location and design of an elevator in the building with funds provided by the Direct Appropriation  from Commerce Community Capital Facilities grant.  The final design is complete for the elevator and all ADA accesses. The project bid request packages are being sent out with bids to be received by November 20, 2015. 
  • The building committee would like to thank everyone for their encouragement and support and hundreds of hours labor provided  this year to make all these projects happen.

Gordon Herron

PDF Report
Presented by Linda Wagner

During 2015 the Harrington Opera House held and the Society sponsored numerous events that supported the arts and provided a venue for a variety of community activities.

The Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band with pianist Dave McClure had a return engagement on Saturday, March 20.  There was a good crowd who enjoyed their beautiful music. Community organizations met in the Art Room on April 9 to discuss opportunities to work together for the betterment of Harrington.  A benefit concert for the piano fund was held at the Steinway Gallery on Saturday, April 18. Beautiful spring weather welcomed in the annual community Spring Fest on Saturday, May 16.  Originally scheduled in the Opera House auditorium were a concert by Riley and Friends, a jazz group, as well as a quilt show.  Due to construction in the auditorium these events were moved to the Community Church. The yearly piano recital on May 30, which was also held at the Nazarene Church, wrapped up spring events.

On August 29 the annual Dog Wash was once again a success and despite a horrible dust storm, talented blue grass group, Nu-Blu from North Carolina, finally made it to the Opera House for a wonderful evening of music and entertainment.  This concert was made possible due to collaboration with The Dahmen Barn.  We hope to continue to work with them.
September was a busy time as The Needhams returned for a performance of their inspirational gospel music on September 22; The Spokane Magic Club entertained us with a benefit performance of magic and illusions on Friday, September 25 during Fall Festival Weekend; and the Opera House was open for tours for friends and alumni on Saturday, September 26. 

The wedding of Andrew Bennett and Jaymie Wilcox was held in the auditorium on Saturday, October 24. Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Peter Davenport, spoke to a full house on Friday, October 30.  The Opera House Society sponsored this event as a benefit for the local PDA.

Davenport Theatrical will perform a reading of the play, Our Town, Saturday, November 21 and Santa will visit on Saturday, December 5.  Karen Robertson will lend her expertise as photographer to record the special moments.

Snacks were served at many of these events.  We are looking forward to another successful year of events and entertainment in the Opera House for 2016.

Respectfully Submitted
Linda Wagner
November 2, 2015

Promotion & Marketing
Presented Orally by Karen Robertson

Promotion & Marketing via:

  • Paid advertising (most events)
    - Lincoln Advertiser - frequently
    - Huckleberry Press - occasionally
    - Area Newspapers - occasionally
  • HOHS Website and Face book (all events & HOHS "news")
  • Special radio spots - Free community service announcements for "benefits"
  • Radio Station, TV Station, & The Inlander On-Line Community Calendars (most events)
  • News Articles: "Harrington Opera House Happenings" - occasionally to area news papers
  • Crags List Events (occasionally) (not mentioned at meeting)
  • Direct e-mail list - messages sent by Linda W. (not mentioned at meeting)

Nominations & Election of Board Officers

Billie Herron presented the report of the nominating committee as follows:

President – Billie Herron
Vice President – Carol G.
Secretary  - Linda Wagner
Co-Treasurers – Ed Haugan and Sheryl Stedman
Historian – Bunny Haugan
Building Engineer – Gordon Herron

There were no nominations from the floor.  A motion was made by Linda and seconded by Gordon to accept the committee’s report.  Motion carried.  Karen moved and Sheryl seconded the motion to cast a unanimous ballot for the slate of officers.  Motion carried. 

HOHS 2015 Year in Review Newsletter - published in February, 2016