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is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and preservation of the Harrington Opera House for the purpose of providing and promoting cultural opportunities which will enhance community and economic development and which will also promote the cultural heritage of Harrington and the surrounding areas.

Lobby of the Harrington Opera House & Bank Block Building is located at
S 19 Third St., Harrington, WA
The "Art Room" Entrance is at 303 W. Willis

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Harrington Opera House Society
PO Box 618, Harrington, WA 99134

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Vice President:
Carol G.  
  Sheryl Stedman 253-4336
Bunny Haugan
  Event Chair: Linda Wagner 253-4719
  Building Engineer: Carol G.  
  Webmaster, Marketing Karen Robertson 253-4683

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Agendas, minutes, reports, photos, announcements,
news, etc. to be posted to the HOHS Website.

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Karen Robertson, Web Master

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The HOHS usually meets the first Monday of the month.

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Next Meeting
Monday, November 6, 2017
7 pm
The Art Room
(303 W Willis St. entrance)



HOHS 2016 Review Newsletter

2016 Annual Reports

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Minutes & Other Documents

Minutes 10-2-17 (PDF)
Minutes 9-11-17 (PDF)
Minutes 8-7-17 (PDF)
Minutes 7-10-17 (PDF)
Minutes 6-5-17 (PDF)
Minutes 5-1-17 (PDF)
Minutes 4-4-17 (PDF)
Minutes 3-6-17 (PDF)
Minutes 2-6-17 (PDF)
Minutes 1-16-17 (PDF)
Minutes 12-5-16 (PDF)
Minutes 11-7-16 (PDF)
Minutes 10-3-16 (PDF)
Minutes 9-12-16 (PDF)
Minutes 8-1-16 (PDF)
Minutes 7-11-16 (PDF)
Minutes 6-6-16 (PDF)
Minutes 5-2-16 (PDF)
Minutes 4-4-16 (PDF)
Minutes 3-7-16 (PDF)
Minutes 2-1-16 (PDF)
Minutes 1-4-16 (PDF)
Minutes 12-7-15 (PDF)
Minutes - Special Meeting - Piano 11-2-15 (PDF)
Minutes 11-2-15 (PDF)
Previous Minutes available from Secretary or Webmaster
Other Documents:
Brochure (PDF)
Please submit "Payment In-Kind-Forms"
to Billie Herron
HOHS By-laws (PDF)   3-7-16 

HOHS Facilities Use Rental Agreement - Auditorium/Full Facility

HOHS Facilities Use Rental Agreement - The Art Room

2015 Year in Review Newsletter
2015 Annual Meeting Reports
2014 Year in Review and Potential 2015 Goals (PDF)
2013 Annual Report (PDF)
2012 Annual Report (PDF)
2011 Annual Report (PDF)
2010 Annual Report (PDF)  
2010 Annual Mtg. Power Point (Click to advance slides)
2009 Annual Report (PDF) 
2008 Annual Report (PDF)   
2007 Annual Report PDF)  
Presentation for Li. Co. Grant - Nov. 2009 Power Point
Presentation for Senator Morton - Sept. 2008 (PDF)


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PO Box 618, Harrington, WA 99134
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